Shipping at LifeVantage

To support you in your wellness needs, LifeVantage uses the following shipping policy as of June 1, 2022.

United States Shipping Policy

Order TypeShipping
Subscription orders $150 or aboveFree
Subscription orders $149.99 or below50% off Standard Shipping Rates
New Distributor enrollment orders $150 or aboveFree
New Distributor enrollment orders $149.99 or below50% off Standard Shipping Rates
One-time ordersStandard Shipping Rates

* Standard shipping rates start at $6.99.

  • Standard shipping time is 7-10 days.
  • Orders shipping to AK, HI, GU, PR, AS, and VI will receive a shipping discount on subscription and new Distributor enrollment orders, however standard shipping rates to these areas are higher than $6.99.
  • Express and expedited shipping will be charged at normal market rates for all orders.
  • Shipping charges are calculated after all discounts (coupons, credits, Friends and Family, etc.) and before taxes.

To summarize, here’s the policy and a suggestion of how to maximize shipping discounts:

All subscription orders and new Distributor enrollment orders qualify for discounted standard shipping based on the order total. Standard shipping is free for subscription and new Distributor enrollment orders of $150 or more and discounted 50% for orders $149.99 and under.

For those orders you may just need one-time, standard shipping rates will apply.

(See FAQs at the bottom of this page.)

International Shipping Policy

For our friends across the globe, see the International Shipping Policy below:

All orders that meet or exceed the amounts below ship for free. (Whether you are a subscriber or not).*

CanadaMexicoGreat BritainFranceNetherlandsIrelandGermanyItalyBelgiumSpainAustriaAustralia
CA$150M$4850£130 €120 €130 €130 €125€140€125€130€130AUD$150

* Shopping cart size (in any single order, minimum order threshold may not be spread out across multiple orders) may vary, but the order amount excluding any shipping costs must match or surpass the thresholds listed above for each market.

LifeVantage Return Policy

Unopened product and marketing materials returned within thirty (30) days of purchase shall receive a 100% refund. All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”), issued through Distributor Support. Product must be received by the Company within ten (10) business days of receipt of the RMA or the product will not be eligible for return.

For any further questions or concerns, please contact customer service at or call/text 866-460-7241.

US Shipping Policy FAQs

When does the new shipping policy go into effect?
June 1, 2022

In which market(s) is this update to the shipping policy taking place?
This is an update to the US shipping policy only. Most international markets already have similar shipping policies in place that are tied to order thresholds.

Will customers and Distributors have different shipping policies?
New enrolling Distributors are eligible for discounted shipping no matter the order type. Customers will be eligible for discounted shipping on subscription orders and will pay standard shipping on one-time orders. For repeat orders, both Distributors and Customers follow the same shipping policy.

Are you telling me that if I’m on subscription, I’ll get a discount on shipping?
You got it! To receive either free or discounted shipping, be sure to create a subscription order.

If I have a subscription, will my one-time orders also receive discounted shipping?
Under the new shipping policy only subscription orders are eligible for free or discounted shipping. Therefore, one-time orders will pay standard shipping rates.

Will the first order of a subscription receive discounted shipping?
Yes, all subscription shipments qualify for discounted shipping. There is a known defect when placing new subscription orders through a referral website at During checkout, shipping will be charged on the shipment processed today even if the discount thresholds are met. We are working quickly to resolve this defect and will automatically refund the full shipping amount within 3-5 business days. Rest assured, all subsequent subscription orders will receive discounted shipping as this only affects the immediate shipment. To avoid the defect entirely, please create new subscription orders through EVO/Back Office.

If I have an active subscription, will the new shipping discounts be automatically added to my order or do I need to do anything?
If your order is above $150, free shipping will automatically be applied. For subscription orders under $149.99, you will automatically receive 50% off standard shipping rates.

Is this a permanent change? Will the shipping price change again in the future?

Yes, it is anticipated that this shipping policy will remain in place. Of course, change is always a possibility and the shipping policy will be reviewed as needed.